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What characterizes Industry 4.0?

Behind the term Industry 4.0 are intelligent, so-called “smart” machines that exchange data with each other in real time, enabling live optimization of manufacturing processes. Data collection is made possible by IoT sensors, with which machines can be cost-effectively upgraded by modern production processes to collect a wide range of data and transmit it for evaluation. This enables real-time automation processes that disruptively drive industry forward and usher in a new industrial age: that of Industry 4.0.

Proactive maintenance and improved repair planning of machinery

The hallmark of Industry 4.0 is that measured data is immediately forwarded for analysis, enabling immediate interactions. Constant quality control and monitoring identify anomalies caused by deviations and thus detect incipient problems before they arise. This protects machinery and minimizes losses due to downtime. Unpredictable error messages are responded to in real time, for example by the machine stopping immediately and sending out error messages on defined channels, minimizing resource use of material and time due to faulty production.

eSIM: Flexible, cost-effective and reliable

These are just a few of the advantages of Industry 4.0 that make it clear that the success and efficiency of a production line in Industry 4.0 depend on reliable and interoperable data connections being available so that quality problems can be detected in real time and corrective measures initiated immediately. To ensure this and to be able to use reliable data connections for IoT applications flexibly and cost-effectively worldwide, the eSIM card is ideally suited. By using eSIM cards, it is no longer necessary for manufacturers to have a SIM card ready for each country or region and to conclude different contracts. This saves time, increases quality and enhances security.

CAIRON not only offers the eSIMs, but also the matching Subscription Management and Remote Provisioning platforms. Contact us without obligation, we will be happy to advise you.

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