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Telecommunications is our core business and our core competence. As a provider of telecommunications solutions, we can offer our business customers a broad portfolio of card solutions. From different SIM card models and tools, scratch and prepaid cards to voucher cards and SIM adapters, you will find individual telecommunication solutions for companies. Learn more about our innovative telecommunication solutions now!

Discover our Telecommunication Solutions

In the world of digital telecommunications technology, technical progress is both a benefit and a risk: the same applies to the card. It is designed to store data, exchange information and conceal identity. How reliable are the methods used for this? As a provider of telecommunication solutions, we at CAIRON offer you tailor-made card solutions and everything else that relates to cards!

SIM cards & tools: Telecommunications for companies

A SIM card opens doors, establishes contacts, provides digital telecommunications: between people and the system. How intelligently a card product behaves when used depends on how precisely it is tailored to the respective application. Data security, country-specific requirements, the wishes of the customer and the specific costs and benefits for each individual case must be taken into account. Prior to this, intensive consultation in partnership is required to achieve maximum effectiveness and quality.

CaironSIM: Our basic product

The CaironSIM product family is the basic product of our SIM card portfolio. It is fully compliant with phase 2+ and complies with the ETSI GSM 11.11 and GSM 11.14 standards. The CaironSIM is the standard platform of almost all CAIRON SIM products. The implemented operating system is not tied to a specific manufacturer or chip.

CaironJay: High-performance Java solution base product

This SIM card product is based on the highly efficient Java Card Virtual Machine, an in-house development from CAIRON. In combination with the CaironSIM product, CaironJay, a high-performance Java-based SIM card is created. On this card platform a multitude of intelligent applications (applets) can be implemented. The management of these applets is done “over-the-air” (OTA) and thus offers a maximum of security.

CaironSIM-Browser: Application Toolbox and Gateway solution basic product

This SIM card is available with the SIMalliance SIM Application Toolbox (S@T) The open browser technology allows the user to access applications via the web. CAIRON also provides the S@T gateway for transmitting messages between the S@T browser and the Internet-based application server. The CaironSIM browser is also available with the SmartTrust Wireless Internet Gateway (WIB).

CaironUSIM: Interoperability for the 3G, 4G and 5G worlds

The CaironUSIM product is the basic platform for the CAIRON 3G product range. In the 3G, 4G and 5G worlds, network operators run a wide variety of applications on one card. The CaironUSIM portfolio is based on an operating system for multifunctional applications to build all products according to the latest UICC standard.

Product enhancements: CaironUJay and CaironUSIM Browser High-End Offer

To enjoy complete web-browser functionality, the CaironUSIM is expandable. With the integrated Java Virtual Machine (CaironUJay) and the SIM browser capabilities with the S@T gateway technology (CaironUSIM browser) you get a high-end product.

CaironR-UIM: Flexible use in CDMA networks

The CaironR-UIM (Removable User Identity Module) card provides user identification management, encrypted telecommunications paths and secure data storage for users in CDMA networks. The R-UIM card can be used very flexibly in CDMA networks and enables the user to transfer his card and thus his identity conveniently and securely to another mobile device.

CaironSIM-Toolkit: Powerful Development Environment

The CaironSIM toolkit solution is based on a highly optimized compiler and an efficient on-card interpreter. It provides a powerful development environment for the fast development of competitive SIM toolkit applications. CaironSIM-Toolkit is a compact solution for loading applications “over-the-air” (OTA) onto the SIM card after personalization. You receive the complete Script Development Kit with the following scope of delivery: compiler, IDE, desktop personalization software and the complete documentation.

Telecommunication: Picture of CAIRON Sim Card
telecommunications voucher

Scratch, prepaid and voucher cards ‘unlimited’

The production facilities for our voucher cards use state-of-the-art printing and personalization technologies. They meet the highest security and quality standards to ensure the integrity and quality of your product. Our cards are available in paper, PVC, PS or other materials with a thickness of 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm. The Multi-PIN consists of several PIN numbers to load a prepaid mobile phone account. The paper-based strips or sheets are individually perforated and can be easily cut off.

State-of-the-art printing and personalization technologies

Customized multi-PIN solutions

Multi-PIN ISO and non-ISO format

Mini voucher cards

PIN cover: scratch-off labels, hot stamp or screen printed covers

Telephone chip cards: For public phones

Public telephones are installed in more than 150 countries around the world. About half of the devices accept payments by prepaid telephone chip card. The requirements for a conventional telephone chip card increased, especially with regard to fraud prevention and the use of additional applications. Fixed network operators use innovative services to increase the attractiveness of their products and thus customer loyalty.

Optimal market access in the telecommunications industry

Availability of almost all versions of telephone chip cards

Chip cards with a memory or intelligent memory chip

Support in the development of your product idea

Production according to highest environmental and quality standards

Realization of individual packaging solutions

SIM adapter: We were the first

We were the first company worldwide to develop SIM adapters. We produce them exclusively in Germany. Our Micro-SIM Adapters and Nano-SIM Adapters act as carriers for the corresponding cards of all SIM card manufacturers and can be used in almost every cell phone or smartphone. They consist of a high-performance plastic with a temperature resistance of up to 250 degrees. On request, we can also supply our adapters in various colors and your logo. Not only that! We also offer customized packaging for attractive product placement at the point of sale with our adapters.

Triple Adapter Card

telecommunications: Picture of a triple adapter

More about the use and liability notice!

Six-part picture of people using different telecommunication solutions

MiGlobal: Our International Roaming MiFi Router

The international roaming MiFi router meets the demand for global, mobile Internet access. This telecommunications solution knows neither national borders for the respective subscriber nor strong roaming price fluctuations. With the international roaming MiFi router, a concept was developed which guarantees absolute freedom for cross-border and SIM-free Internet access.

The user can access the Internet anywhere in the world

No SIM cards, airtime vouchers, registrations or queues necessary

The MiFi Router receives the IMSI from our server and connects to one of the local 3G/4G networks

Our SIM banks and IMSI hosting servers are strategically located around the world to provide reliable service

Reporting of the network quality to the management servers by the MiFi router. In case of poor performance, a network change is made by assigning a new IMSI

Learn more about MiGlobal, our international roaming MiFi router:

CAIRON – Your partner for innovative telecommunication solutions

Long-term business relationships

Products with the highest quality, safety and innovative technology as well as almost unlimited production capacities thanks to international multi-source agreements.

Competence & Experience

Competence, experience and profound knowledge help us to implement holistic and individual solutions according to your wishes.

Individual communication solutions

In dialog with our customers, we develop customized, individual concepts and find the right communications solution for each individual order.

Safety & Quality

Products with the highest quality, safety and innovative technology as well as almost unlimited production capacities thanks to international multi-source agreements.

Thanks to customer-specific card concepts, CAIRON offers you the right telecommunications solution for your company. Get in touch now!