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Welcome to the company news-site. Here you will find miscellaneous information about current projects and events and trade fairs. Read all the news about the CAIRON and our innovations. Enjoy your read!

Quick response times

Mai 2024

The CAIRON Group is once again the exclusive supplier of the leading German mobile phone provider for upgrading print products for the POS, in particular for updating SIM card packaging. With short delivery times and full service in packaging and logistics, we support our customers so that they can make tariff adjustments at the POS at short notice.

Targeted marketing

Dezember 2023

The CAIRON Group was selected by the leading German telecommunications provider as a service provider for the daily dispatch of SIM cards to its end customers for a special tariff offer. The target group for this project is the young community between the ages of 15 and 35, 60 percent of whom have a migration background. The project involves cooperation with a leading international soft drinks manufacturer.

New customer for eSIM card

Juni 2023

CAIRON won a contract for the delivery of several ten thousands eSIM cards for the mobile testing equipment of a global testing equipment supplyer. They now can change the profiles of their eSIM cards and are therefore very flexible when it comes to moving their equipment from one area to another or to having them work in different countries.

eSIM iPhone: Operators and MVNOs need Entitlement Server for Apple eSIM

September 2022

Apple has done it again – with the new eSIM iPhone 14, tech giant Apple, known for its innovation, is the first smartphone manufacturer to launch a phone without a SIM card slot. In the US, the new eSIM iPhone 14 will be delivered exclusively with eSIM (embedded SIM). This has many advantages for users in terms of security and user-friendliness, but puts MNOs and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) such as Aldi Talk or Blau, which do not yet have their own eSIM entitlement servers, under pressure. After all, customers will now be on the lookout for mobile providers who can offer them these modern standards.


Globally, the plastic SIM card is still the standard due to the lack of eSIM offerings from many network operators in Africa or the Middle East – in China and Hong Kong, Apple even sells its iPhones with 2 SIM card slots, which has been particularly appreciated by users who travel abroad a lot. The days of the disposable card are numbered, however, because eSIM technology in particular makes it easier for users to flexibly choose between different mobile providers without any physical equipment via modern subscription solutions. The gatekeeper here is the corresponding technology: MNOs and MVNOs must have eSIM entitlement servers in order to keep up with the coming competition, for which Apple has now given the final go-ahead with its latest disruptive change in the mobile communications industry.


While some MNOs and MVNOs have so far regarded eSIM entitlement servers as an optional add-on business, even though the number of wearable owners such as the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch is steadily increasing, eSIM entitlement servers will be a basic requirement in the foreseeable future in order to retain existing customers even when they switch devices and to attract new customers. The number of smart, connected devices and IoT applications, for example in the energy and automotive industries, using eSIM technology and M2M communications has been growing tremendously over the last few years. The shift to the new eSIM standard, which is now gathering pace, holds great potential for MNOs and MVNOs to initiate new competition in entrenched market situations and to renegotiate market segments, gain market share, and increase revenues.


Are you ready for the new eSIM iPhone and modern SIM management? Our eSIM Entitlement Servers enable MNO and MVNO a fast, low-threshold and cost-efficient entry into the management of eSIM devices. Through the eSIM Entitlement Servers, MNO and MVNO activate and deactivate services and features on eSIM devices and enable their delighted customers to set up eSIM devices easily, quickly and conveniently.


Our modular system adapts flexibly and precisely to your needs. With CAIRON’s SaaS solutions, you don’t pay a flat rate that includes services you don’t use, but only for the services you need, based on demand. If your needs as a service provider change, our globally flexible and scalable SIM management grows with you. Our full-service SIM management solution forms the complete service spectrum from provisioning, connectivity management, maintenance and excellent support to real-time device location, while offering high data security through compliance with German security standards. Our cloud-based solution enables rapid implementation without lengthy and high acquisition costs as well as personnel investments to build up the required know-how. The costs for our established solutions are shared by many users, which allows us to offer unbeatable conditions.


New OTT platform for Yemen

January 2022

CAIRON has won a tender for the supply of an OTT platform for its customer TeleYemen, a network operator in Yemen.
The OTT platform enables our customer to offer converged communication services such as Voice and Rich messaging over IP.
It instantly enables them to compete with leading Social network/Communication vendors such as: Viber, Whatsapp, Skype and others.

December 2021

The Easy Exit Card

The function of an emergency hammer – compact like a credit card

CAIRON has designed the Easy Exit Card in credit card format, a rescue tool that can be used to save vehicle occupants from emergency situations.

The Easy Exit Card can be used from inside or outside the car:

  1. By destroying the side windows, it is possible to rescue injured occupants.
  2. The rescue tool is stored in the insertion case, for which a patent has also been applied for, with an integrated seatbelt cutter, which can be used to free occupants from their seatbelts.

The Easy Exit Card Set:
More compact than any emergency hammer

The patented Easy Exit Card is particularly handy and easy to use and can be easily stored in the purse or behind the sun visor so that it is always at hand in an emergency.

For the Europe-wide market launch, we are looking for contact with potential bulk buyers and resellers, if necessary for the granting of industry-specific exclusive rights.

For more information, please contact us at

The mode of action can be seen in the following video:

Relaunch of the website: modern and contemporary!

December 2020

We are happy about our new and fresh website. Furthermore, we offer you information about our services and our company.

Mailing envelopes

November 2020

We have once again been able to win a globally operating courier service provider for the delivery of envelopes.

Global mobile data

October 2020

We are very pleased to announce that we are now working with one of the largest providers of global mobile data for the DACH region.

CAIRON product activation

March 2020

We have won a new contract for product activation over chip card.

CAIRON voucher scratch cards

March 2020

New customer won! We have won a new Austrian customer for voucher scratch cards.

Internet Control for SME
February 2020

CAIRON to supply ZyalinGroup’s solution for Internet Control for Small and Medium Enterprises. This OEM solution allows SMEs with no IT Department to monitor and control the Internet usage of its employees (in the office or during their trips), thus saving money and reducing cyber security risks.

>  more information here (PDF)