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Value Added Services

As provider of value added services CAIRON is your competent partner for Value Added Services (VAS). Whether you need a platform for topping up prepaid cards including SOS credit solutions, the provision of service numbers, VoLTE or SMSC value-added services – CAIRON has the right solution for you! Learn more about our value-added services and arrange a consultation appointment!

Value Added Services for your company

Our value-added services are versatile and individually adapted to your needs. Learn more about our mobile value-added services listed below:

CAIRON SOS credit for prepaid customers

Our  SOS credit solution offers you the possibility of immediately topping up your credit in emergency situations. The prepaid card is topped up in real time with immediate delivery. The CAIRON SOS credit offers a credit balance as a microcredit to your prepaid customers. Generally, this is sufficient to make a few calls or send multiple messages.

The CAIRON SOS credit platform is flexible and has multiple features for implementing rules and restrictions based on the standard business guidelines of a network operator.

How does the CAIRON SOS balance work?

Higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty with SOS credit

Our CAIRON SOS credit solution ensures a seamless user experience by providing real-time end-to-end control. Thus, the credit can be recharged without errors. As a result, you reinforce customer confidence in your company and in your services, which leads to higher customer loyalty. As a value-added service provider, we are your partner at your side. Contact us regarding our SOS credit solutions!

Advantages for network operators

Broader range of services

Additional sales channel

Customer acquisition and customer retention

Strengthening the relationship with your existing prepaid customers


The VoLTE service is primarily directed at immigrants and people working abroad on temporary contracts who often require to make phone calls home or send or receive text messages via a domestic cell phone number. With VoLTE, your customers are guaranteed high quality voice telephony. A VoLTE web app is also available in our value added services. Get advice on our value added services!

Through VoLTE, mobile operators have the option of providing their subscribers with an additional virtual cell phone number on their smartphone. This value-added solution works for any type of cell phone and includes the most advanced online services and smartphone apps.

VoLTE offers Mobile-to-IP and IP-to-Mobile services

VoLTE users are required to purchase a virtual MSISDN number from the service pool, which acts as a domestic prepaid cell phone number. The VoLTE service is delivered to the users’ smartphones via Android and iOS client applications. This allows them to download and use their new number and the associated VoLTE services without the need for new payments, new contracts or any previous administrative work.

VoLTE advantages for mobile operators:

Increase in subscriptions and customer base (immigrants, people living and working abroad and customers of other network operators)

Expansion of the range of services (mVoIP, mMessaging) and simultaneous use of basic services (voice, messaging)

Additional income from new customers

SMSC added value service

CAIRON SMSC value-added services allow you to manage and improve messaging capacity and service quality. Our SMSC platform combines a comprehensive and proven feature set with the flexibility of rule-based service-dominated logic to enable full implementation of a network operator’s messaging requirements. The content provider management as well as the integrated SMS routing function provide a sustainable quality of service despite high traffic load.

Our short-text messaging solution supports any combination of mobile network models and enables collaboration between 2G, 3G and IP-based core networks. This saves time and money on network infrastructure. It is also sustainable, as operators can migrate traditional messaging services to 4G LTE networks.

Main advantages of SMSC value added solutions:

Managing messaging capacity and quality of service

Reduction of CAPEX and OPEX through high performance systems

Low costs for new services: New services can be easily implemented using common components

Ideal solution for mobile marketing and SMS voting


Our TopUp platform provides a cost-effective and highly configurable solution that allows network operators to give their subscribers versatile methods for recharging prepaid credit. Subscribers who have registered their debit or credit card with the service, for example, can easily top up their prepaid cards by sending a simple text message in a predefined format or additionally via a USSD menu session.

Versatile recharging of prepaid credit with the TopUp solution

On our TopUp platform, e-vouchers and scratch cards can be used to top up prepaid cards. Likewise, prepaid cards of friends and family members can be charged through the platform.

The extensive USSD integration enables subscribers to top up their prepaid cards without hidden costs – even when roaming. Our TopUp platform, as one of CAIRON’s value-added solutions, offers simple and secure integration into online banking solutions and third-party billing portals.

CAIRON – Your provider for innovative value-added services

Competence & Experience

Competence, experience and profound knowledge help us to implement holistic and individual solutions according to your wishes.

Continuous improvement

Innovations are our driving force, which we use to achieve continuous improvement in our performance and processes.

International reach

We offer communication solutions with an international reach and are very familiar with regional conditions and country-specific requirements.

Individual communication solutions

In dialog with our customers, we develop customized, individual concepts and find the right telecommunications solution for each individual order.

With intelligent and innovative solutions of our value-added services you strengthen the trust and relationships with your customers. Get in touch with your contact person at CAIRON!