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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. As a global network of physical and virtual objects, the technology enables innovative services that not only change the economy, but also your everyday life significantly. Are you looking for a partner to support you in your IoT project? Please get in touch!

Internet of Things


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IoT–Fields of Application

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Internet of Things: Growth opportunities through IoT

IoT builds a network of intelligent devices that communicate with each other in real time via M2M. This offers you a wide range of exciting possibilities for optimizing your processes to save time and money in the long term. By using smart systems, you can make data-based decisions for your company and act more economically.

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IoT Solutions

We have developed reliable IoT solutions that provide optimal support for the digitization of your business. IoT connectivity, IoT platforms for M2M communication and consumer communication as well as IoT design are among our IoT solutions. Learn more about our innovative Internet of Things solutions.

IoT Connectivity

In IoT all things are networked with each other. Various IoT solutions provide the foundation. On the connectivity level, a connection is established between the product and other applications or the Internet. The challenge is to ensure reliability and security in data transfer.

CAIRON Global IoT - global network coverage within a single contract

One of our IoT solutions is CAIRON Global IoT. It is a worldwide mobile connectivity and networking solution for your IoT needs. We are a leading company in the field of eSIM / eUICC technology. These remote-programmable SIM cards establish the mobile data connection to your smart devices worldwide.

Worldwide mobile data connection with CAIRON Global IoT

CAIRON Global IoT is capable of connecting your smart products to over 700 mobile networks worldwide. Instead of negotiating contracts with various mobile network providers, CAIRON is your only contractual partner for worldwide mobile connectivity. This is possible because we provide IoT solutions from a single source.

Intelligent network selection

CAIRON Global IoT gives you the option of selecting different ways to access your smart devices, including data volume, cost per KB or MB, network quality and coverage, and network technologies (4G, 3G or even 2G).

Worldwide IP-Network

The worldwide private IP network, CAIRON Global IoT, connects your smart products with over 900 network operators and over 1.100 networks.

Our worldwide IP network provides following features:

Security - as a private IP backbone, the network cannot be controlled directly over the public Internet.

Multiple services - the network supports a variety of services such as voice, data, video, and messaging.

Data analysis through IoT connectivity

CAIRON Global IoT provides deeper insight into your data traffic. You receive simple, easy-to-use view and reports on your devices, e.g. maximum data usage per device, data per country, most used apps or protocols and more. With our IoT solution you will obtain tools to perform comprehensive data analysis.

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M2M IoT Platform

Machine-to-Machine communication is the automated exchange of information between machines, vehicles, and vending machines, as well as a central control center using the Internet or mobile phone network. As one of the IoT solutions in the IoT portfolio, CAIRON provides a dynamic and versatile M2M IoT platform.

New business models through eSIM

For several years, an extraordinary increase in M2M connections has been observed. The key challenges for a successful M2M implementation are reliability, availability, and security. In such cases, special attention must be paid to security, although it is usually disregarded in the interest of cost reduction and short time-to-market.

The expanding ecosystem of electronic devices and machines that communicate with each other via mobile networks from all parts of the world has led to the development of the embedded SIM technology (eSIM or eUICC). It is the most important development of SIM card technology in the past 20 years. SIM cards embedded in M2M devices can host multiple provider profiles and allow the owner greater flexibility in choosing the provider of connectivity.

M2M Subscription Management in accordance with GSMA

CAIRON is partnering with achelos to deliver an IoT platform for M2M communication which is an IoT solution that offers flexibility, reliability and security.

The M2M market covers a wide range of applications:

Updating electronic billboards

Device Tracking

Vehicle maintenance and accident prevention mechanisms

Smart Meter Monitoring

IoT applications such as machine life cycle management

Data transmission between devices

CAIRON and achelos are your competent partners

CAIRON and achelos’ IoT platform for M2M communication is interoperable and compatible with eUICC products from various manufacturers. This provides customers with a high degree of flexibility and allows them to fully control the service. Our IoT solution supports and meets a wide spectrum of deployment options from standalone systems in a secure hosting environment to cloud-based services such as Amazon AWS and others

CAIRON and achelos are among the first companies to offer such a comprehensive M2M subscription management solution, operating as completely independent technology partners. Our team consists of experts in security and prevention in different market segments. We develop innovative technical IoT solutions to secure electronic identities. Our customers benefit from our profound know-how in microprocessor technology, a convincing product portfolio and the consistent implementation of technical specifications and additional features to meet customer requirements.

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Consumer IoT Platform

More and more smart devices are equipped with an eSIM card. It started with the introduction of Smart Watches and tablets – now many smartphone models are also using eSIM. The business model of network operators is currently changing entirely, as customers can switch back and forth between different contracts.

CAIRON offers just the right IoT solution: A Subscription Management Platform. The Consumer IoT Platform offers the consumer the choice of applications and contracts that they want to use.

One of the key challenges for consumer devices continues to be creating an easy-to-use interface and adding value without compromising the security of the mobile ecosystem and ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. In this context, legal, infrastructural and security aspects play a role in addition to the technical aspects.

CAIRON’s Consumer IoT Platform provides digital added value not only to the end customer but also to business partners by linking smart devices. Would you like to learn more about our Consumer IoT Platform and our telecommunication solutions? We would be happy to advise you on our IoT solutions. Call us or use our contact form!

IoT Design

The possibilities for intelligent, interconnected hardware products are enormous. This also applies to the challenges in developing IoT solutions. In the near future, there will be more than 50 billion IoT devices worldwide, some of which will have to belong to you! That is why CAIRON is your reliable partner when it comes to IoT design. From troubleshooting to early testing, we offer a range of flexible consulting services to meet your needs.

Benefit from our holistic IoT solutions

M2M and IoT technology markets provide the most exciting opportunities for product designers today. No matter whether you focus on logistics, telecommunications, energy, smart homes and smart devices or the automotive industry, CAIRON as an IoT provider possesses expertise in a variety of relevant design areas and can help you bring your IoT product to market quickly and cost-efficiently.

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CAIRON – your reliable and competent IoT partner!

Long-term business relationships

Products with the highest quality, safety and innovative technology as well as almost unlimited production capacities thanks to international multi-source agreements.

Competence & Experience

Competence, experience and profound knowledge help us to implement holistic and individual solutions according to your wishes.

Individual communication solutions

In dialog with our customers, we develop customized, individual concepts and find the right communication solution for each individual order.

Safety & Quality

Products with the highest quality, safety and innovative technology as well as almost unlimited production capacities thanks to international multi-source agreements.

IoT Fields of Application

Internet of Things connects companies: seamless, secure, global! All areas of IoT applications are served. CAIRON specializes in IoT and provides innovative IoT solutions. Feel free to contact us about our IoT portfolio!

IoT smart home: Image of a gray and white living room

Intelligent Security: For companies and private households

Security for companies and private households is one significant area of application for IoT. In the past, security systems often used a low-resolution camera to passively record videos. Today, intelligent security systems are being specifically designed to capture, store, and analyze continuous video streams. In addition to the 4K videos captured by high-resolution cameras, these systems can analyze the data to detect specific movement patterns. This real-time information plays an important role in public safety for public transportation providers and event managers.

Smart Home: Connect your home to the Internet of Things

What if your home could be largely automatized? This means that networked home technology also falls within the IoT application areas. Intelligent speakers operate like a central command, allowing your home electronics to perform a variety of voice-activated operations. For example, you can instruct your TV to stream the latest episode of your favorite show while you dim the lights in your living room and set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. The goal is to control most or all of a household’s systems – including energy, air conditioning, entertainment, home appliances and home security – through an interconnected network of devices, sensors, tools and platforms.

Intelligent speakers through interconnected home technologies

Voice-activated features

Centralized control of energy, climate, entertainment, household devices and home security

Connected network of sensors, devices, tools, and platforms

Optimization of the energy consumption in the entire house

Industrial and commercial IoT

M2M technology (Machine-to-Machine)

Modern factories use IoT-enabled machines to work more intelligently and more efficiently. By equipping machines with sensors, factory managers can more precisely monitor and remotely map the workloads and inputs and outputs of machines. They can also more accurately track machine wear and tear, resulting in more predictive and proactive maintenance and improving machine life. With IoT, smart factories are increasingly automated. M2M devices use embedded and removable flash solutions to merge data at the edge into a single stream. This gateway is used to monitor and respond to changing conditions inside the factory building. At the same time, unused data is forwarded to the central cloud or data center for further processing.

Supply chains of the future

Another IoT use case involves supply chains that are becoming increasingly global and complex. Customer requirements are evolving rapidly, products need to be procured, shipping and delivery routes need to be coordinated. In response, companies are creating networked enterprise systems and using data modeling as a key element of a more comprehensive data management strategy.
For example, low-power IoT devices are used to track assets throughout the supply chain and monitor product quality such as temperature, vibration and container openings. The use of IoT-enabled devices and transport routes can further improve route planning by collecting supply chain data during transport.

Smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearables

The market for wearables is flourishing. Worldwide acceptance of these devices is largely the result of intelligent watches, which are estimated to account for more than half of all wearables sold in the coming years. Consumers are looking for a seamless connection and interaction between their smartphones and Smartwatches to track, manage and secure their data – especially sensitive health data.

However, technological innovations do not just end up on the wrist. A new subcategory known as “hearing aids” has the potential to complement the wearables industry with voice-activated, connected headphones and earphones. One of the other IoT application areas includes wearable medical devices that monitor blood pressure and heart rate and alert rescue workers during a medical emergency.

Smart Cities: energy, transport, parking and more

One of the most promising IoT application areas is the creation of smarter and more efficient cities, so-called Smart Cities. Public energy grids can be optimized to balance the workload, predict energy surges and distribute energy more fairly to customers. The same applies to transport systems in larger cities. Traffic lights could be synchronized using IoT to adapt to traffic conditions in real time. During an emergency, first responders could also communicate with traffic lights to provide direct and rapid access to critical locations. One of the other IoT applications is the digital monitoring of parking space so that available parking slots are automatically sent as push notifications to drivers looking for them.

Creation of smart cities

Optimization of public energy grids

Improvement of traffic conditions by synchronizing traffic light systems

Communication of rescue forces with traffic light systems

Digital monitoring of the parking situations

Autonomous and interconnected vehicles

One of the IoT application areas is autonomous driving. In the future, vehicles on the road will be able to reach level 5 autonomous driving and drive completely on their own without human intervention. Cameras, radar, LIDAR and a variety of other on-board sensors are used to gather information about road conditions, to activate appropriate driving actions and to prevent accidents. However, cars of the future provide more than just autonomous driving. Through the Internet of Things, cars will be able to communicate with each other, with the road infrastructure and perhaps even, one day, with pedestrians using Vehicle-to-Everything or V2X technology. Fleets of autonomous vehicles could be managed through this type of communication, allowing faster and safer travel. Inside the car, IoT-enabled devices could improve engine diagnostics, GPS data and infotainment systems.

Collection of road condition information

Activation of driving actions to prevent accidents

Perfecting of self-driving technologies

Communication between car and road infrastructure

IoT-capable devices for engine diagnosis

Optimization of GPS data and infotainment systems
IoT-city: image on a tablet showing skyscrapers from below
Image of a tablet showing the top view of an agricultural field with a tractor in the center as an example of a possible application of the IoT

Intelligent Agriculture: From production to the table

Agriculture is one possible IoT application area. Modern farmers are using the technology of the Internet of Things to streamline their operations. By keeping cattle and other farm animals outdoors, networked technology can track animals that are kept on open pastures. Intelligent sensors in watering systems can reduce water consumption to achieve just the right soil moisture content for a given crop. It is even used to monitor factors such as moisture and temperature during the composting process. In addition, farmers can monitor their equipment, find out where each item is located, track its performance and perform predictive maintenance.

Big Data for precise agriculture

Optimization of product quality

Optimization of agricultural processes

Monitoring of weather conditions, water consumption and soil conditions

Automated measurement of quality and quantity

Monitoring of farm animals in free range

Drones for industrial, search and rescue missions

For cameramen and photographers, drones have helped to capture breathtaking landscapes that were previously unavailable to visual artists. Outside of commercial use, drones serve the public good in search and rescue missions. Today, IoT drones are used in commercial, non-profit and public areas and even help to save lives.

More efficient oil rig inspections

Use in e-commerce to check the delivery of goods

Monitoring deforestation in environmentally sensitive communities

Support in search and rescue missions in the public sector

Do you have any questions about our IoT solutions? Give us a call! We will give you detailed consultation on how to interconnect your IoT business for the future of tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you!