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Easy Exit Card

In the card segment, CAIRON is broadly positioned, especially in the telecommunications sector. CAIRON offers its partners holistic solutions ranging from SIM cards and SIM card adapters to contactless payment methods (NFC) and IoT applications such as eSIM technology, M2M communication and SaaS platforms. Among them are some patented proprietary developments. This also includes CAIRON’s latest product: the Easy Exit Card.

Easy Exit Card

The Easy Exit Card is similar in size and mobility to a credit card and has the function of an emergency hammer. The Easy Exit Card is particularly safe to use because, unlike emergency hammers, the user is not in direct contact with the Easy Exit Card when the window is broken. This sets the patented Easy Exit Card apart from all previously designed emergency hammer car solutions available on the market and sets new standards as a rescue tool in credit card format in the areas of size, mobility, safety and price.


Despite all warnings, children or animals are often left behind in the vehicle, especially in summer temperatures.

Carrying it in the card compartment of the wallet makes it possible to always have a valuable rescue tool with you in order to be able to intervene in dangerous situations, for example as a passenger or uninvolved emergency helper.

So even outside of serious traffic accidents, the “emergency hammer” can be used to save lives by safely rescuing dogs or children who have been left in the car in hot weather and whose state of health is critical. This is a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant, especially as temperatures continue to rise.

Can I destroy someone else's car window to save a child?

This depends on the legal situation applicable in your country. In Germany, the legal situation is as follows:


I am even legally obligated to help in an emergency. Failure to render assistance is punishable according to §323c STGB!

Can I destroy someone else's car window to save a dog?

Here, too, it depends on the legal situation applicable in your country. In Germany, the legal situation is as follows:


By law, animals are considered property. If the animal is in an emergency situation and quick help by the police or fire department is not available or takes too long, the emergency paragraph §228 BGB applies.

Self-rescue and external rescue

The compact and lightweight design of the Easy Exit Card & Seatbelt Cutter Set allows it to be positioned inconspicuously inside the car, for example behind the sun visor, in the car door area, on the side of the seat, on the seatbelt, in the cockpit area, in the glove compartment or in the center console area. The Easy Exit Card & Seatbelt Cutter Set can be elegantly integrated practically anywhere in the car, so that it is ready to hand in an emergency.

Structure of the Easy Exit Card rescue tool set

Easy Exit Card: The elegant “emergency hammer” solution for the car


Compact and lightweight format that is already established and appreciated in everyday life

Innovative and affordable rescue tool, which is not only of high practical value, but also has a positive image

Flat design in credit card format, which allows everyday carrying in the credit card compartment as well as in the car

Large area for advertising and brand messages

Insertion sleeve with integrated belt cutter

The Easy Exit Card insert case has an integrated seat belt cutter to free car occupants from their seat belts if the seat belt buckles are stuck or inaccessible.


Perfect complement to the Easy Exit Card and combines a powerful rescue tool to intervene in case of serious accidents

Another large area to apply advertising and brand messages or cleverly combine them with the Easy Exit Card

Secure storage sleeve for the Easy Exit Card, which can be discreetly integrated, for example, on the seat belt, sun visor or other easily accessible places in the car, so that it is ready to hand in case of emergency

How the Easy Exit Card works

The lower part of the Easy Exit Card is clamped to the car in the area between the side window and the sealing rubber that runs along the window cutout of the car body. The Impulse Spike is located on the free side, facing the glass.

The upper, free side with the Impulse Spike is moved away from the car window with the index finger, possibly with the help of the middle finger, while the lower part remains clamped.

The card is flexible to a certain degree, so tension is built up by this effort.

When the card is released, the hand is pulled away, releasing the built-up force. The Impulse Spike transfers the force with pinpoint accuracy to a single spot on the disc, causing the safety glass to shatter.

Functionality of the insertion sleeve with integrated belt cutter

In the event of jammed seat belt buckles, the Easy Exit Card’s insertion sleeve has an integrated seat belt cutter that can be used to free occupants from their seat belts.

For this purpose, there is a deeper notch in the insertion sleeve in which a blade is embedded at the lower end.

The notch is narrow enough to preclude injury to the blade – even to children’s fingers.

To cut a seat belt, the notch is slipped over the belt until it touches the blade.

The sharp blade is capable of cutting through the fiber strands of the seat belt by gently moving the notch back and forth a few times, creating friction as the blade moves over the material.

Marketing opportunities

The large surface area of the Easy Exit Card with emergency hammer function and the sleeve with seat belt cutter offers the opportunity to apply one’s own branding and brand message in a promotionally effective manner and to use the Easy Exit Card in an image-promoting manner. For example, as a promotional gift or as an addition to a car purchase. For the Europe-wide market launch, we grant industry-specific exclusive rights to potential bulk buyers and resellers. For further information, please contact us at

CAIRON is your partner for innovative and sustainable solutions. Offer your customers new, unique and image-enhancing solutions with the new personalizable Easy-Exit-Card from CAIRON.