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Sustainable cardboard SIM card packaging

For more than 10 years, we have been developing and producing SIM card packaging for POS for leading international mobile phone providers. In the process, the requirements of our customers with regard to sustainability have changed, especially in recent years. Cardboard packaging has become the preferred packaging material due to the increasing relevance of environmental and sustainability aspects.

In order to take this and other developments into account, we are constantly optimizing our SIM card packaging and developing innovative and contemporary solutions for SIM card packaging made of environmentally friendly material.

Do you have special requirements? No problem, we will compile a selection of suitable materials and proven solutions for you.

Innovative SIM card packaging with high functionality

CAIRON has many years of experience in the development and production of extraordinary SIM card packaging. In total, we have designed and delivered more than 20 million SIM card packages so far. In addition to meeting basic requirements for transport protection and tamper resistance, we continue to surprise our customers with innovative developments in the field of new functions.

SIM card packaging with attractive and practical design

We develop individual and modern SIM card packaging for our customers, which combines sophisticated design with high functionality and produce it for them cost-effectively. In doing so, we implement special requirements in terms of appearance, haptics, size, stability and a wide variety of shapes.

We take the packaging into account as early as the development stage. In addition to focusing on design and function, we also optimize the runability over packaging machines for smooth and cost-effective production.

Prototype development for SIM card packaging

We develop the prototype for your SIM card packaging exactly according to your individual specifications and requirements. You will then receive neutral prototypes from us, which you can use to check the optimal implementation of your requirements for functionality, size, stability, and so an. Possible weak points are thus identified at an early stage and optimized by us. Thanks to digital printing and high-performance plotters, we can then realize cost-effective printed dummies. Contact us without obligation, we will be happy to advise you.

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