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CAIRON offers a broad range of card products and services: SIM cards, Micro-SIM cards, Nano-SIM cards and scratch cards, as well as contactless products such as NFC and RFID cards. We supply customised solutions for our customers, always using state-of-the-art products.


Cards facilitate communication and connections in a mobile world - between people, systems, or multifunctional applications. Digital intelligence on cards benefits billions of people in their daily business by establishing fast and seamless connections.

New and creative ideas require a high degree of data and system security, but must also offer users distinct advantages. Only then will applications also become profitable for both industry and operators.

The Cairon Group offers a comprehensive product portfolio for the telecommunications industry. It includes SIM cards, telephone chip cards and voucher cards, as well as professional accessories such as micro SIM and nano SIM adapters and micro SIM cutters. We have a long-standing expertise and develop market-ready products and solutions.

Customer Relations/Retail

Many loyalty systems are now established nationally and internationally. Loyalty cards win customers and retain existing customers, and they allow you to collect data for promotional activities to boost sales.

Cairon has the ideal solution and the ideal concepts and products for all system sizes, whether you are planning to run a large multi-partner program, a city card, or a club membership card. Our comprehensive consulting covers the entire implementation and turns your loyalty card into a first-class marketing tool.

Contactless solutions

NFC Tags

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standard for the wireless transmission of data in the HF 13,56MHz range. There are active and passive NFC tranmitter: Active NFC transmitters can initialise connections and communicate. Passive NFC transmitters cannot setup a connection on their own.


Protecting personal and company data is a key issue in our globally connected world. Secure access systems to buildings, secure company networks and product protection are major issues for securing the long-term competitiveness of companies.

Cairon develops individual, high performance solutions for all requirements

Public Transport

The expansion of public transport networks has seen a phenomenal increase all over the world during the past 20 years. High mobility and ever increasing passenger numbers in conglomerations require high-performance ticketing systems for public transport. These systems need to be fast, secure and convenient for users and be cost-effective for system operators.