Value Added Services


For emergency situations where ‘instant load’ is required, CAIRON’s SOS Credit provides the solution. Reload is performed in real time with immediate delivery.

CAIRON SOS Credit offers a micro-credit loan to a subscriber. This is sufficient to make a few calls or to send several messages. On the next top-up, a fee will be deducted from the subscriber’s account.


As the number of people with more than one mobile phone continues to grow, there are real opportunities for mobile operators to actively sell a "two numbers on one handset" service by simply adopting the App model favoured by the OTT players.

Operators can offer their subscribers an additional, virtual mobile number on their existing phone. It works for any type of handset and includes the most advanced online services and smartphone Apps.


Our SMSC platform combines a rich and proven feature set with the flexibility of rules-based service logic to provide a complete implementation of a network operator’s messaging requirements.

Its content provider management features and on-board SMS routing capability provide sustained quality of service for content providers and their customers, even in peak traffic situations.


Our TopUp platform offers a cost-effective and highly configurable solution that enables operators to bring versatile prepaid credit recharge methods to their subscribers.

For instance, subscribers that have registered their debit or credit card with the service can easily recharge their prepaid accounts by sending a simple text message in predefined format, or additionally, over an USSD menu session.