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IoT technologies can be used in a wide variety of areas. This also applies to the area of transport and logistics (IoT logistics). Our logistics case study looks at eSIM modules.

Identifying challenges and solving them together

IoT in logistics is becoming increasingly important for small, medium and large companies to conserve resources, achieve sustainability goals and comply with regulatory frameworks. After all, the challenges posed by shrinking margins and the expectation of ever cheaper goods pose serious challenges for entrepreneurs. Meeting these demands requires smart solutions that increase your efficiency and guarantee reliable delivery.

Logistik und Transport per Frachtschiff

IoT Logistics: Logistics Case Study

Logistics of the future has changed. Today, it’s no longer enough just to deliver the goods. Rather, Logistics 4.0 demands digital services that enable customers to track and follow the supply chain. With built-in eSIM modules, we at CAIRON make exactly that possible. Our smart telecom solutions are more robust and resilient than other SIM cards and designed for use in the transport and logistics sector.

Transparent shipment tracking: eSIM modules in use

Our smart eSIM modules can be used flexibly. Previous areas of use have been:

  • In or on containers
  • In sensors for warehouses
  • On trucks
  • For parcel tracking
  • In combination with other tracking systems

eSIMs enable very precise tracking so that costs can be drastically reduced. Packages, containers, trucks and other transporters can be located at any time. This means that the logistics provider always knows where certain goods are, minimizing the risk of loss and theft. The eSIMs are very robust, which allows them to be used in adverse conditions without any problems.

Logistiker mit gelber Wahnweste überprüft Ladung in Abenddämmerung

Logistics case study: eSIM also ready for international use

Our IoT logistics solution can also be used for international shipping. This requires a global data connection. The shipper only needs to sign and manage a data contract, with no roaming cost risk. This eliminates the need to exchange SIM cards, reduces sources of error and streamlines processes.

Some of our customer references

By the way: As an expert for communication solutions and worldwide distribution partners, we at CAIRON not only offer the eSIMs, but also the matching subscription management and remote provisioning platforms. Were we able to arouse your interest? Contact us free of charge and without obligation and let us advise you on your options for using IoT in logistics.