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Connectivity car: Connected vehicles in the automotive industry

Car connectivity is the new standard in the automotive industry. Connected cars rely on eSIM technology, which has already replaced classic SIM cards in many areas thanks to its benefits. Learn more about the eSIM, connectivity in cars and the future of the IoT automotive industry now.

IoT Automotive Industry: High Quality eSIM & Servitization Solutions for Connected Vehicles

Connected cars and especially a large number of connected vehicles send enormous amounts of data (Big Data). To be able to process these data volumes in real time, connected cars need fast and reliable data connections and data link technologies.

A long service life with heavy stress on the material due to harsh environmental conditions, extreme temperatures, high humidity and strong vibrations place great demands on the quality of the components for data transmission of networked vehicles.

In addition, the service life of vehicles continues to increase. Cars are driven for an average of 12 years and change between different owners during this time. This gives rise to requirements for enabling flexible user changes without great expense, while at the same time placing high demands on safety standards.

eSIM car – Reliable. Simple. Secure.

With the help of eSIM car technology, these challenges can be solved. eSIM‘s enable reliable data transmission and fast, low-latency connectivity of connected vehicles in the 5G network.

eSIM‘s are durable and robust and are permanently installed in the automobile. They do not need to be replaced, so vehicle owner changes can be handled easily and quickly. The eSIM can be updated “over-the-air” (OTA) and set to a new owner. As a result, they provide car manufacturers with the flexibility they need to always offer their customers a suitable data tariff at little expense – without compromising on security. The built-in encryption of the eSIM‘s ensures that attacks are averted so that cars cannot be taken over by hackers.

The connected car: Excellent components and subscription management solutions from a single source

CAIRON not only offers the eSIM‘s, but also the matching subscription management and remote provisioning platforms for global connectivity. Contact us without obligation, we will advise you.

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