Micro-Sim-Cutter Detail Photo

SIM adapters



TRIO SIM cards — as provided by the
SIM card vendors — are not adapters!

Cairon is one of the first companies in the world to develop nano-SIM adapters. Our patented products are exclusively made in Germany and are employed as card holders for cards from all SIM card manufacturers and can be used in virtually every mobile phone or smart phone. They are made of high-performance plastic material that can resist temperatures of up to 250 degrees.

The Cairon SIM adapters can be supplied in various colours and with your logo. Customized packaging for attractive product placement at the point of sale rounds off our offer.

> Micro-SIM-Adapter 3FF to 2FF
> Nano-SIM-Adapter 4FF to 2FF
> Nano-SIM-Adapter 4FF to 3FF
> Triple Adapter Card
All 3 adapters are included in a frame and can be cut off accordingly.
> SIM Adapter Holder
The SIM Adapter Holder can be easily stick to any SIM pack and holds all three adapter types. The SIM adapter holder can be bought alone or together with the three adapters.

> Adapter Liability Advice (please read)